Watch, Wait and Wonder DownUnder

Using the Approach in the First Year


A Pilot Project for Babies and Parents


Sarah Rance [2005]  used an intervention based on the Watch Wait Wonder intervention described in the paper ‘Observant parents: Intervening through observation [Muir, Lojkasek and Cohen; 1999]. Fifteen families were assessed with eleven engaging in the intervention. Referrals were accepted for infants up to 12 months where there was a concern about the infant parent relationship.

The request first noted in Mahrer et al [1976] and in Johnson et al [1980] and Cohen et al [1999] that the parent gets down on the floor with their baby/child was dropped. In that sense it is not clear how easy it was for the babies to initiate approaches to their parent during the child-led play. The transcripts are suggestive of more active therapeutic comments and observations. Clinically each parent and the therapist observed positive change. The Working Model of the Child Interview [1995] was used before and after treatment but no results were included in the paper.

This work as described, involved further changes to  Watch, Wait and Wonder  including altering some of the key principles of the intervention.