Watch, Wait and Wonder DownUnder

The WWW Manual 1999


The work done in developing the Manual was under the auspices of the Hincks-Dellcrest Centre and, the Hincks-Dellcrest Institute. Elisabeth Muir, Mirek Lojkasek and Nancy Cohen have copyright of the publication.


The Manual is organised in three sections describing the use of the intervention in an infant mental health/mental health context.

Part One: Theory to Practice

Part Two: Assessment and Technique

Part Three: Transcripts

The Manual is for use in conjunction with Introductory and Advanced training courses and supervision. All participants in Introductory Courses need a copy of the Manual and this is arranged through the Coordinator of Training as part of attending the course.


It is not of itself sufficient for clinicians to read and then try the intervention. Although an initial reading about the process, the words Watch, Wait and Wonder, and the instructions to parents invoke a sense of simplicity this is, in fact, a difficult intervention and one that takes time, patience and a capacity to contain anxiety when difficulties arise. The authors emphasise that in the course of the work the infant or child, the parent and the therapist can experience great anxiety and feel the urge to change the approach to reduce their discomfort. Once the procedure is changed it is no longer the Watch, Wait and Wonder Intervention.

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