Watch, Wait and Wonder DownUnder

When the Bough Breaks 1995


This is a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation documentary, produced and directed by Neil Docherty, and illustrates the use of the Watch, Wait and Wonder intervention with Elisabeth Muir working with two families,  and Infant-Parent Psychodynamic Psychotherapy with one family seen by Dr Roy Muir. The film follows three mothers and their troubled children, aged ten months to three years, through three months of therapy at the Hincks in Toronto.

“This fascinating documentary dramatically illustrates the enormous importance of the relationship between parent and child during the first three years of a child’s life. Cameras were placed in the homes of three families who were seeking professional help for their young children. the fifth estate was also permitted to view therapy sessions where a room full of toys provided countless clues to the roots of each child’s distress. The theories behind Insecure Attachment are explained and practised and the happy children who emerge by the end of a program of family therapy sessions are barely recognizable from the desperately unhappy children in the earliest videos.” CBC Learning



American Psychiatric Association, 1998
Western Psychological Association, 1997
International Women in the Director’s Chair Festival, 2001
Finalist, American Film Institute Festival, 2001
Athens International Film Festival, 2001
CINE Gold Eagle, 2001