Watch, Wait and Wonder DownUnder

For Parents, Grandparents, Foster Parents


There are a number of interventions available that are directed to supporting parents/caregivers with their infants and young children.

When there are concerns around persistent problems including

  • sleeping, eating, clinging, tantrums [regulatory problems], aggression, non-compliance and sadness
  • parents/carers feeling that they haven’t bonded with their child, don’t feel connected, are fearful of hurting or frightening their child
  • have concerns the relationship with their baby/young child is troubled

It may be a good idea to seek help and have these difficulties assessed.

Watch, Wait and Wonder  may be an intervention you wish to think about. As with all therapy the decisions regarding what to recommend will be based on a thorough assessment and discussions with family and whanau.

Click on the link below to read one mother’s story about her baby and their experience of being helped with this intervention.


My Brutally Honest Story